Hurricane Irma Residential Debris Removal

Hurricane Irma vegetative debris pickup has begun in the unincorporated areas of Lumpkin County. The effort is likely to take several weeks. There will be a lot of debris waiting to be picked up — an estimated 12,000 cubic yards, according to Lumpkin County Public Works Director Larry Reiter.

Debris from private property will also be picked up if it is moved to the County owned right of ways. The County will not pick up debris from private or state roads. In order to get your debris removed by Lumpkin County you must comply with the following:

• Sort the debris and remove anything that is not vegetative. Non-vegetative debris such as lumber, plastics, construction and demolition debris will not be picked up by the county.
• Place trees, limbs, and branches on the county-owned right-of-way by October 8th. All debris must be placed on the county right-of-way adjoining of the property from which the debris was generated.
• Contact Lumpkin County at (706) 864-6894 to report the location of the debris along with an estimate of the size of the pile.
• Do not block the view from the road or driveways or place the debris too close to the travel lanes, as this could cause a hazard to the traveling public.

There is no specific schedule for the day debris will be picked up and the County may not be aware of your debris if not reported.