2018 Department Budgets

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  4. Appropriations

ADA Mitigation

Administrative Support


Animal Shelter

Assessor's Office

Board of Commissioners

Board of Equalization

Capital Roads - Fund 335

Clerk of Superior Court

Community & Employee Services

Cooperative Extension


County Manager

DATE - Fund 202

The is the DATE fund. It is another add on fee to court cases. The money is allocated by a committee comprised of court officials and county representatives.

Debt Service - By Fund

Debt Service for Fund 100 is for the land around the reservoir, Fund 301 is for CIP,  and Fund 270 is for the unincorporated portion of the construction of the reservoir.

Development Authority

The Development Authority is not currently funded by the general fund.

District Attorney

E-911 Center

Elections & Voter Registration

Emergency Management

Emergency Services

Enotah Circuit

Enotah Circuit Public Defender