Short-Term Rentals

Short-Term Rental Requirements

  • You must have an approved Land Use Permit prior to being issued a Business and Short-Term Rental License.
  • Complete the Occupational Tax Certificate Application (Business License Application) including the lower portion labeled "Short-Term Rental Only".
  • Include all supporting documents listed in the Forms & Documents section below. These documents must be signed and notarized prior to completing the Business License Application and are required to submit your application. 
  • You will also need to email a copy of your valid drivers license to .
  • You can find all required steps on the Business License Portal linked below.

Business License Portal

Short-Term Rental Renewal

You can renew your Lumpkin County Business and Short-Term Rental License on the business license portal linked below. You will need your Entity number (Lumpkin County Business License Number) to search for your license.


  • When renewing for the 2024 Business License Calendar year, you will submit a renewal form. At the time of submittal you will not be paying for your license. Your renewal form will be processed in office and you will receive an invoice in your email for payment. After payment we will issue your license. We are using a new system this year so the process is a little different. 
  • If you are renewing a Short-Term Rental we will not be using Host Compliance this year. You will be issued one license (Business & Short-Term Rental License: $175.00). If you have multiple Short-Term Rentals you will have one license (Business & Short-Term Rental License: $175.00) and a Short-Term Rental License ($100) per each additional Short-Term Rental. Please contact Ashley for your new Short-Term Rental number.
  • Please contact Ashley Stahl at 706-482-2589 if you have any questions.
  • As a reminder Short-Term Rental Licenses must be renewed by December 31st each year.

Business License Portal

Hotel/Motel Taxes


 On Tuesday, June 20, 2023 the Lumpkin County Board of Commissioners passed an amendment to the current Lumpkin County Hotel-Motel Tax Ordinance to increase the County’s Hotel-Motel tax from 5% to 8% (Resolution 2023-33 Amend Hotel Motel Tax Ordinance). The tax shall be paid upon any occupancy occurring on or after August 1, 2023, unless such occupancy occurs from a reservation made prior to August 1, 2023, and in such case the tax shall be paid at the former rate of 5%. In summary, if the reservation was made before August 1, the 5% rate applies.  If the reservation was made August 1 or after, the rate should be 8%.

Lumpkin County will no longer be using Host Compliance as a Short-Term Rental Platform. To remit your Hotel/Motel Taxes click on the links below or complete the appropriate form located under the Hotel/Motel Tax Documents.

  • If you solely use 3rd party marketplace facilitators, such as, AirBnB, VRBO, etc., to advertise your Short-Term Rental, those platforms are required to remit the Local and State Hotel/Motel Taxes on your behalf.
  • If you advertise your Short-Term Rental on your own or collect rent directly from a guest, you are responsible for remitting the Local and State Hotel/Motel taxes.

 Tax payments for your property are due the 20th each month.

Hotel/Motel Tax Form for Reservations Made BEFORE August 1, 2023

Hotel/Motel Tax Form for Reservations Made AFTER August 1, 2023

Short-Term Rental Concerns

Planning and Development has partnered with Lumpkin County Sheriffs Office Non-Emergency Line to provide a means for neighbors to report, substantiate, and resolve non-emergency Short-Term Rental related concerns in real-time. 

The Lumpkin County Sheriffs Office Non-Emergency Line Number is 706-864-3633.

You can also submit a Short-Term related concern online here. This system will create a case number and link to the property in violation. Complaints will be sent to Lumpkin County Code Enforcement. 

Forms & Documents

Hotel/Motel Tax Documents