I received a notice on my door from a deputy concerning a civil paper. Who should I call?

You may call the Lumpkin County Sheriff’s Office Court Services Division at 706-482-2433.

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1. If I want to report something, is 911 the only number to call?
2. Can I make a police report any time of the day or night? Or do I need to make an appointment?
3. Can I make a police report over the telephone, or does a deputy have to come to my house?
4. Is there a waiting period before I can report someone missing?
5. Should I report suspicious activity in my neighborhood?
6. Is there a number I can call to leave anonymous information/tips?
7. I have a problem with speeders in our neighborhood. What can I do about it?
8. Can I use 911 on my cell phone to report drunk drivers?
9. How can I find out if someone is housed in the Detention Center, when someone can be visited, or any information about persons in jail?
10. How can I get a copy of a police report or accident?
11. I was a victim of a crime. How do I find out the status of the investigation?
12. How do I get a concealed weapon permit?
13. Can I carry a firearm in my vehicle?
14. I do not have transportation and need a ride. Can a deputy help me?
15. Why did it take longer for a Deputy to answer my call this time than on previous calls for assistance?
16. Someone has abandoned a vehicle in my parking lot or on my property. Can the Sheriff’s Office tow it away for me?
17. I received a notice evicting me from my house, and I’m not sure what I should do. Also, can I evict someone from my property?
18. What can I do about barking dogs or stray dogs and cats in my neighborhood?
19. I need to get a message to someone who does not have a telephone. Can the Sheriff’s Office go to the person’s home and deliver the message?
20. My family and I are going on vacation. Can a deputy keep an eye on our home while we are gone?
21. I keep getting annoying “hang-up” type phone calls. What should I do?
22. I have received several phone calls from people representing themselves as law enforcement officers asking for donations. Are they really law enforcement officers?
23. How do I find out if a Civil Process was served?
24. I received a notice on my door from a deputy concerning a civil paper. Who should I call?
25. I have obtained a fieri facias from the Clerk of Courts. What do I do now?
26. I need to be fingerprinted to serve alcohol and/or employment. Where do I go?
27. What are the procedures and cost for an Open Record Request?
28. Where do I go to get a criminal history?
29. What hours are criminal histories ran?
30. How do I receive the criminal history from the Sheriff's Office?
31. How much does it cost to get a criminal history?
32. How long does it take to receive the criminal history report?
33. Can I have a criminal history run on weekends or holidays?