Elections and Voter Registration

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Ashley Peck
Chief Registrar & Elections Manager

Address56 Short Street
Dahlonega, GA 30533
HoursMonday - Friday; 8:00 am - 5:00 pm


Board of Elections and Registration Monthly Meeting

The May meeting of the Lumpkin County Board of Elections will be held on May 16, 2017. The meeting will be held at the Lumpkin County Elections Office. The meeting will start at 9:00 AM. All Board of Elections Meetings are open to the public.

Mission Statement

The Lumpkin County Election & Registration Office will provide efficient, pleasant voter registration and election services while ensuring accuracy and the preservation of democracy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I registered to vote?

View this webpage or call, come in, or e-mail us.

Which precinct am I in and how do I get there?

View this webpage or the map on our page or call, come in, or e-mail us.

What Board of Commissioners District/Board of Education District am I in?

View the pap on our page or call, come in, or e-mail us.

Where are the election results?

Our page, “Downloads”, “Election Results” then by year and then by election – however if it is a current election, it will be listed under downloads as a category “11 2 10 General Election Information” then “Results” then either by “Summary” or “By Precinct” for example.

Where can I get a sample ballot?

Our page, “Downloads”, Election Results” then by year and then by election. Also sample ballots are printed in the paper the Wednesday prior to the election. Sample ballots can also be obtained at the Election and Voter Registration Office.

Where is Early Voting and what are the hours?

Early Voting for general and primary elections begins 22 days prior to the election, M-F, 8-5, currently at the Lumpkin County Election & Registration Office, 56 Short Street, Dahlonega. Early Voting for special and runoff elections begins as early as the ballots are received, but at least by Monday of the week prior to the election.

How can I request an absentee ballot?

Online here OR picking up the application in our office, calling to have the application mailed to you, or by simply writing on a piece of paper your full name, date of birth, residence address, as well as the address you wish for the ballot to be mailed, which election and if a primary, which party’s ballot you wish to receive as well as your signature. All applications may be mailed, faxed or hand delivered to our office. We will compare the signature with that on your voter registration application, and, if it matches, you will receive an absentee ballot. All requests must be turned in by the Friday prior to the election. You may begin requesting an absentee ballot 180 days (6 months) prior to the election.

How do I know if my absentee ballot application was accepted or find out when my ballot was mailed out?

View this webpage OR call or e-mail our office.

Can I turn my absentee ballot in at the polls or at the Early Voting poll?

No. You must turn your ballot in by: mail or in person in our office. If someone is turning the ballot in for you, they must sign as assisting on the oath and you must have a disability which would prevent you from either mailing or bringing the ballot yourself.

What is the deadline for absentee ballots being turned back in?

Absentee ballots must be in our office by 7:00 pm election night unless you are a family member of or a military service member or an overseas citizen, then you have until the last mail run the Friday following the election.

Do I have to request an absentee ballot every election, or will you just send me one every election?

Elderly (75 or older), voters with disabilities, military service members and their families and overseas citizens only have to turn in one application per election year to receive all ballots for that year. This rule applies to all elections except the Presidential Preference Primary, which requires a separate application. All other voters must turn in an absentee ballot request for every election they wish to vote absentee.

I registered a long time ago and haven’t voted, am I still able to vote?

If you have not voted in the past two general elections (a general election takes place every even numbered year), your record becomes inactive. After being inactive for three years, your record is automatically deleted by the Secretary of State.


Who are my representatives and how can I contact them?

View this webpage and there is a list available on our web page which includes the local level officials “Downloads”, “Elected Officials”

How can I become a poll worker?

Go to our web page, “Downloads”, “Poll worker forms and information” complete the application/survey and submit it, read the poll worker manual and make sure it is something you wish to do. If there is an opening in your precinct, or one close to you, you will be notified by phone and/or e-mail notifying you of the time and place of the state mandated training.


What is the average voter turnout for Lumpkin County?

See our page, “Downloads”, “Voter Turnout Statistics”


How many registered voters are there in Lumpkin County?

See our page, “Downloads” , “Voter Registration Statistics”


What do you do when you aren’t having an election?

Our monthly activity report lists the office activities and is found under “Downloads”, “Monthly Report of Office Activity”

Department Staff

Ashley PeckElections Manager, Board Member Seat 5706-864-6279ashley.peck@lumpkincounty.gov
Brittani ConnerElections Technician706-482-2571brittani.conner@lumpkincounty.gov
Jim LovellBoard Member, Republican Seat 1n/aelections@lumpkincounty.gov
Dottie KrullBoard Member, Republican Seat 2n/aelections@lumpkincounty.gov
Sallie SorohanBoard Member, Democratic Seat 3n/aelections@lumpkincounty.gov
John WebbBoard Member, Democratic Seat 4n/aelections@lumpkincounty.gov