Paper or Plastic?

The answer is both!  If the question has to do with recycling, that is.  Lumpkin County recycling center is located at 1642 Red Oak Flats Road.  There are two offsite convenience locations, one at 1925 HWY 19 N Business and the other at 44 Radar Ridge Road.  All three sites are open 24 hours a day for drop off of sorted recyclables.  We accept paper, #1 and #2 plastics (with screw tops removed), cardboard, and aluminum and metal cans.  Recently we have seen an increase in the amount of trash in the recycling bins.  Placing household garbage in with recycling materials costs taxpayers extra money in time to sort, fuel to haul, and dump fees.  The Lumpkin County Recycling Center cannot take household trash, food containers, hard plastic items such as Tupperware or buckets, or glass or fiber board materials such as cereal boxes or cola cartons.  Since we’d rather focus on what we can do, we’re asking for your help in making sure that only recyclables are placed in the recycling bins.