Power Outage Map Links

It’s getting close to that dreaded time of year when we could have snow and/or ice along with the associated power outages that often result from winter weather.  Lumpkin County is served by six different power providers.  To assist in keeping you informed, we have a link to all the power providers in Lumpkin County on the Lumpkin County Government webpage at www.lumpkincounty.gov On the right hand side of our page, under “Popular Links” is a “Power Outage Maps” link. Clicking on this link and then selecting your provider will either take you straight to that organization’s power outage page, or will allow you to navigate from the organization’s main page to their power outage site.  Our local power providers tell us that their outage pages are in real time, meaning that they are updated frequently so that the information is current.  This is probably one of the best ways for you to know what’s going on when there’s a power outage!