Winter Weather Tips from Lumpkin County Public Works and Road Departments

Winter Driving

As Lumpkin County road crews shift into winter gear, they have a few words of advice for drivers:

Slow down and be prepared.

Give yourself more room and more time to stop at stop signs.

Slower speeds on ice and snow are essential, as is staying well back from snow clearing equipment such as plows and salt/gravel spreading equipment.  When approaching a vehicle with an amber flashing light, give them the right of way and allow them to do their job.   Shady areas and bridges can be slicker than the rest of the road, so be aware.

The first Lumpkin County roads cleared of snow are the major and minor arterials, which include school bus routes.  Local access roads are cleared after the arterials.  During a major storm event, this can even be several days after the event begins.

There are things you can during winter weather events when road conditions are bad:

Stay off the road except for essential travel.

When on the roads, yield the right of way to all road treatment vehicles.

Do not leave vehicles parked in areas that will interfere with the treatment of the roads.

Lumpkin County Public Works urges you to stay safe this winter!