Please Don’t Leave Recyclables Outside the Bins

Not a Pretty Sight!

Take a look at the picture below. While these bins are normally emptied on a regular schedule, dumping frequently happens over a long weekend when county offices are closed. It is most likely to happen at the two offsite recycling collection locations at 44 Radar Ridge Road and 1925 Business Hwy. 19 North. If a cardboard bin is full, please do not dump the cardboard outside the bins. This is an eyesore and creates a very poor image of our beautiful community! Plus, if the cardboard gets wet, it becomes a soggy mess and can be very difficult to pick up. If the cardboard bins are full at the offsite locations please either hold on to the cardboard until there is room in the bin at that location or take the cardboard to the Recycling Center at 1642 Red Oak Flats Road. This is a simple way to keep our county looking beautiful!

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