Information about the proposed Road Maintenance and Improvement Tax

Lumpkin County voters will consider a Road Maintenance and Improvement Tax referendum on March 19, 2019.  Motor fuel will not be taxed and sales tax dollars generated in the County will be kept locally and spent on local road maintenance and improvement projects.  The City of Dahlonega and Lumpkin County have agreed to divide the tax proceeds based on population with the City receiving 21% and the County receiving 79%.  Proposed projects are:  a joint project with the City of Dahlonega to improve the safety of the Oak Grove Road and Hwy 19 Business intersection; Lumpkin County projects: road resurfacing, road safety improvements and road maintenance equipment and vehicles; City of Dahlonega projects: road maintenance, bicycle paths, sidewalks and bridge projects.  It is estimated that the Road Maintenance and Improvement Tax will generate $15,000,000 towards these projects.