2022 Department Budgets Requests

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Administrative Support

Airport Authority (Fund 550)

This fund contains the revenues and expenditures of the Airport Authority.

Animal Shelter

Assessor’s Office

Aquatic Center (Fund 510)

Board of Commissioners

Capital Projects (Fund 301)

This fund is for capital purchases that fall outside of the SPLOST programs. This also includes debt service for the CIP lease and Aquatic Center.

Capital Roads (Fund 335)

This fund holds the money received from the state for LMIG and TSPLOST.  The TSPLOST fund is legally required to keep this special purpose money separate from other sources of revenue.  The county is required to spend the funds in accordance with the referendum approved by the voters.  TSPLOST funds are shared with the City of Dahlonega monthly based upon an Intergovernmental Agreement.  The county adopts a budget to be in compliance with state law, but the Board of Commissioners sets an annual work plan for the expenditure of funds to ensure that the program is not overspent.  

Clerk of Court

Cooperative Extension


County Manager

DATE Fund (Fund 202)

The is the Drug Abuse Treatment and Education (DATE) fund.  Money for this fund is from add on fees to court cases.  The money is allocated by a committee comprised of court officials and county representatives.

Debt Service By Fund

Debt Service for Fund 100 is for the land around the reservoir, Fund 301 is for the CIP lease and Aquatic Center, and Fund 270 is for the unincorporated portion of the construction of the reservoir.  Fund 335 debt service is for the joint city/county/GDOT project. Fund 321 debt service is for the Justice Center bond.  

District Attorney

E-911 Center (Fund 215)

Election and Voter Registration

Emergency Services

Emergency Management

Enotah Circuit 

The Board of Commissioners approved the FY2022 Enotah Circuit budget at the May 18, 2021 Regular Meeting.