Design Guidelines

Design, Ponds, Tiny Homes and Subdivisions

Comprehensive Plan                                                                                                                                                                                          

The purpose of the 2022 Lumpkin County Comprehensive Plan Update is to provide guidance for everyday decision making by local government officials and other community leaders. This document represents the culmination of the efforts to plan for the future well-being of the County, the residents and various stakeholders by identifying the critical, consensus needs and goals for the community.

Code of Ordinances

Development Flow Chart


Fire Marshall, GIS, Permits and Water/Sewerage

GIS Maps

Cell tower locations, Census 2010 Tract Results, Character Area, Commissioner Districts, Community Facilities, FEMA Flood Zone, Hydrologic Unit Code Boundaries, Land Lot and Districts, Roads, Subdivision Roads, Trout Streams, Voting locations, Yahoola Reservoir Trail

Planning Map

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