My family and I are going on vacation. Can a deputy keep an eye on our home while we are gone?

Yes, you can complete an Extra Patrol Request Form online or pick one up in the main lobby of the Sheriff’s Office.

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1. If I want to report something, is 911 the only number to call?
2. Can I make a police report any time of the day or night? Or do I need to make an appointment?
3. Can I make a police report over the telephone, or does a deputy have to come to my house?
4. Is there a waiting period before I can report someone missing?
5. Should I report suspicious activity in my neighborhood?
6. Is there a number I can call to leave anonymous information/tips?
7. I have a problem with speeders in our neighborhood. What can I do about it?
8. Can I use 911 on my cell phone to report drunk drivers?
9. How can I find out if someone is housed in the Detention Center, when someone can be visited, or any information about persons in jail?
10. How can I get a copy of a police report or accident?
11. I was a victim of a crime. How do I find out the status of the investigation?
12. How do I get a concealed weapon permit?
13. Can I carry a firearm in my vehicle?
14. I do not have transportation and need a ride. Can a deputy help me?
15. Why did it take longer for a Deputy to answer my call this time than on previous calls for assistance?
16. Someone has abandoned a vehicle in my parking lot or on my property. Can the Sheriff’s Office tow it away for me?
17. I received a notice evicting me from my house, and I’m not sure what I should do. Also, can I evict someone from my property?
18. What can I do about barking dogs or stray dogs and cats in my neighborhood?
19. I need to get a message to someone who does not have a telephone. Can the Sheriff’s Office go to the person’s home and deliver the message?
20. My family and I are going on vacation. Can a deputy keep an eye on our home while we are gone?
21. I keep getting annoying “hang-up” type phone calls. What should I do?
22. I have received several phone calls from people representing themselves as law enforcement officers asking for donations. Are they really law enforcement officers?
23. How do I find out if a Civil Process was served?
24. I received a notice on my door from a deputy concerning a civil paper. Who should I call?
25. I have obtained a fieri facias from the Clerk of Courts. What do I do now?
26. I need to be fingerprinted to serve alcohol and/or employment. Where do I go?
27. What are the procedures and cost for an Open Record Request?
28. Where do I go to get a criminal history?
29. What hours are criminal histories ran?
30. How do I receive the criminal history from the Sheriff's Office?
31. How much does it cost to get a criminal history?
32. How long does it take to receive the criminal history report?
33. Can I have a criminal history run on weekends or holidays?