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Lumpkin County Hotel/Motel Tax

  1. Lumpkin County Hotel/Motel Tax Monthly Remittance - Due by 20th of each month

    OCGA 48-13-51 & Lumpkin County Code of Ordinances Chapter 50, Article IV

  2. Line 1: Total Lodging Sales (Gross Proceeds)

    (include all fees, security deposit, charges for phone, internet, TV, and cleaning)

  3. Line 2: Tax Exempt Lodging Sales

    (Must be itemized in Schedule A below)

  4. Line 3: Net Taxable Sales

    (Line 1 minus Line 2)

  5. Line 4: 5% Lodging Occupancy Tax

    (Line 3 times .05)

  6. LIne 5: Penalty

    (If not paid by 20th, add 5% or $5.00, whichever is greater, if the failure is not more than 30 days and an additional 5% or $5 for each additional 30 days, or fraction, that the violation continues. The penalty for a single violation shall not exceed 25% or $25 in the aggregate, whichever is greater.)

  7. Line 6: Interest

    (If not paid by 20th, 6.25% of line 4. The amount shall bear daily interest at the maximum rate permitted by law for post-judgment debts.)

  8. Line 7: Vendor's 3% Compensation for Collection

    (Line 4 times .03 if paid by 20th of month)

  9. Line 8: Pay This Amount

    (If paid by the 20th, Subtract Line 7 from Line 4. If paid after the 20th, add lines 4, 5, & 6.) If you are not paying by credit card, please make checks payable ot "Lumpkin County Board of Commissioners" Mail to: Hotel/Motel Tax, Lumpkin County, 99 Courthouse Hill, Suite D, Dahlonega, GA 30533

  10. Change of Registered Information

    Any change of name, address, ownership should be reported to Lumpkin County Planning.

  11. Upon completion of this form you may choose to submit or submit and print. If you choose submit and print, a browser will open with your form, to access the credit card portal simply close the tab and the payment portal will appear. If you choose to pay via check, you may close your browser and disregard the payment portal.

  12. I certify that the information provided above is accurate and in accordance with Georgia Law 48-13-51 and Lumpkin County Ordinance, Chapter 50, Article IV

  13. Electronic Signature Agreement

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