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Criminal History Request

  1. All criminal histories have to be picked up at the Lumpkin County Sheriff's Office within 30 days from the date of request or they will be destroyed. Criminal histories are only valid at the time it is ran.

    $10.00 - Lumpkin County residents with proof of residency, employment or currently enrolled in school.

    $25.00 - All other request

  2. Providing your SSN is voluntary. SSN helps confirm your identity and history.
  3. Special employment provisions (check if applicable)
  4. **Any authorized individual(s) must present a valid identification upon receipt of this criminal history. If a valid identification cannot be presented, the criminal history will not be released.
  5. Individual(s) authorized to receive criminal history. Please print this request and sign in front of a notary.
  6. To be completed by Lumpkin County Sheriff's Office Personnel
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