Roads and Bridges

David Robinson
Roads Superintendent

Address1646 Red Oak Flats Road
Dahlonega, GA 30533

Mission Statement

The function of the road and Bridge Department is to repair and maintain the existing county roads and rights-of-way promptly, efficiently, and economically.

Within this mission, the department is responsible for, but not limited to:
•   Pothole patching and deep-patching operations in conjunction with LARP and county resurfacing contracts
•   Tree trimming/removal/chipping
•   Shoulder construction and repair
•   Right of way mowing
•   Drainage ditches
•   Side-arming
•   Blade and gravel roads
•   Bridge building and repair
•   Assist other county departments as needed

Department personnel also respond to emergencies 24 hours a day, seven days a week by removing roadway debris, clearing storm related debris from roadways, plowing ice and snow.


FREE Mulch Chips to the Public! Please call (706) 864-3122 for availability.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the road department hiring?

There are no openings available at the road department at the present time. Job openings will be listed on the county web site.

How many Lumpkin County employees are assigned to the road department?

There are currently fifteen full-time employees at the road department.

Does the road department have wood chips?

Yes. We usually have chips available, free to the public at the recycle center located at 1642 Red Oak Flats Rd.

How many miles of road does the road department maintain?

There are more than 400 miles of county roadway in Lumpkin County. We have 337 miles of paved roads and 75 miles of unpaved roads.

Why are some street signs green and others blue?

All county road name signs should have a green background with white lettering. Privately maintained road name signs should be blue with white lettering.

How can I get a good Lumpkin County road map?

The Lumpkin County Planning office has maps for sale to the public. Black and white wall maps are available for $10.00, color wall maps for $25.00. They also have a Lumpkin County Road Atlas for $15.00.

Why does it take so long for the mowers to get to my road?

With more than 400 miles of county road and a shoulder on each side of each road, you wind up with around 800 miles of shoulder to maintain.

Department Staff

David RobinsonRoads
Donald GarrettRoads
David McGillivrayTraffic Operations